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Translation of documents for your travels

Are you about to cross borders?

So, your suitcases are almost ready but you still need the translations required to start creating that wonderful new life you’re dreaming of?

Are you looking for a trustworthy sworn translator that can turn all those bureaucratic formalities into easy-peasy steps?



I have the solution for you.


Let me help you reach your goals
with English/Spanish, Spanish/English quality translations.


I am Laura Carrizo, a sworn translator specialised in

 travel documentation and texts for the tourism and hospitality industries.

I know that the idea of your trip, of your life in a new country,

or the possibilities of opening up new markets for your tourism or hospitality company

fill you with excitement and,

because of that, 

My objective is that you waste the least possible time in

paperwork and bureaucracy.

At a very fair price. And no worries.


Financial and accounting documentation;

documents related to your income or property

Birth, marriage, death certificates, testaments, prenuptial certificates, police clearance certificates ("certificado de reincidencia"), driver’s licences, pension or retirement certificates, domicile certificates, survival certificates, health certificates, among others.

Diplomas, transcripts, studies certificates, syllabuses, CV, recommendation letters and testimonials, work certificates, job application letters.

Applications for visa, passport, citizenship, "working holiday" / "work & travel", work permits, study permits, family reunification permits whether in Argentina or abroad.

Divorce, alimony and child support, parental responsibility and time-sharing arrangements, adoption decrees, among others.

Health and vaccination certificates, authorizations for the entry of animals, quarantine applications, etc

Credit card statements, income tax / personal property affidavits, documentation related to movable or immovable property (real estate, vehicles, etc.) like deeds, purchase and sale agreements, mortgage, rent agreements, etc.

Company documentation (memorandum of association, bylaws, balance sheets, bankruptcy related documents, etc.,) commercial contracts, powers of attorney, trademarks and patents.

On and offline advertising material, digital content, communications with your potential customer… get your texts translated so that the message, that is already delivering good results for you in your own country, deliver the same good results in a totally different, brand new market.


Would you like to ask for a 

free, non-binding estimate?


I care for our planet - don't translate
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