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Are you looking for a trustworthy sworn translator to translate your birth certificate? Your CV? A power of attorney? A last will and testament? A judicial decision? Any other official document?

Do you need a sworn translator that will ensure an error-free quality job that's delivered on time?

Do you prefer not to work with a translation agency for which you're not a client but a number?

Let me help you.








I always wanted to travel. See the world. To discover people and places.

And I did!


The only continent I haven't set a foot on is Antarctica.

And I decided, a long time ago, that I wished to help anyone who had the same hopes as me: to travel, to dream and to enjoy life. That is why I specialise in translation for travel documentation and for the tourism and hospitality industries. 

I, Laura Carrizo, am an English/Spanish, Spanish/English sworn translator graduated from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa and registered with the CTPCBA - Buenos Aires Sworn Translators Association (Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires).

Also, my details are included in the translators list of the Embassies of the UK, South Africa, Canada and Australia in Buenos Aires. 


My experience in other professional fields enables me to offer you advice on procedures, legalisations, etc. Together we will overcome the red tape that now looks so complex and burdensome.


I am empathetic and close, and I understand that, for you, the document you need to translate is much more that a piece of paper. I know that this translation will lead you to a new opportunity, a change: a new life.

Personalised Service

I am not an agency, and I don't work as an agendy. You are, at all times, the main protagonist of my work. Your goals are my goals, and I will do everything I can to help you achieve them. ASAP.


My broad expertise both as a translator and in other fields like diplomacy and tourism guarantees a fast, professional and error-free translation. 

Impeccable Translations

I can't be happy with just a "good" job. My personal and professional philosophy compels me to render an impeccable translation at a very fair price. 

Translations in Good Time

I know your time is gold. That's why my translation will always get to you in good time - or even before you expected it. 


Would you like to ask for a

free, non-binding estimate?


Are you curious to know what MY CLIENTS SAY ABOUT ME?

In this page you will find the direct opinion from some of my clients.

And if you wish to see my BIO, just click here.

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